Growing your business
beyond you
requires two things:
perspective and good people.

My passion is making what seems impossible, possible for you.

I am Angie Herbers and my mission is helping financial advisors make their dreams come true. For the past seventeen years, I have researched, studied and consulted the independent advisory industry. I have worked with over 600 firms (I stopped counting at 600) and even more firm owners.

Here’s what I know for sure:

  • You can build any advisory firm you want to build.
  • Solo advisory firms are not dead; they are growing faster than any other firm structure.
  • The price of financial advice is not falling, it’s rising.
  • There is no firm greater or lesser, it doesn’t matter your revenue or your assets.
  • Bigger firms have the same problems as smaller firms, only bigger.
  • The talent shortage is serious.
  • More money (or revenue or assets or people or technology or marketing) doesn’t solve problems, it creates new problems to solve.